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iPhone 13 Pro Rumors & Apple 2021 iPhone Lineup Release

This Year's iPhone 13, Pro & Pro Max Models: Should You Upgrade?

iPhone 13 Pro Rumors & Apple 2021 iPhone Lineup Release

Announcement Date: Tuesday, September 14, 2021
Colorways: Graphite / Silver / Gold / Sunset Gold (?)
Models: iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini (?)
Retail Price: Likely $799-$1199
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Announcement Info & Online Release Links

Keynote Event Date: 09.14.2021

Apple is expected to host a Keynote Event on the third Tuesday of September where they will reveal the new iPhone 13. Apple & major carriers will have pre-orders following the announcement, likely sometime between September and October.

11 AM EST / 8 AM PST




Sophia Camarda - iPhone 13 Rumors & Leaks: Should You Upgrade?!

Sophia Camarda outlines the upcoming iPhone 13 and its rumored features. Learn about the most likely upgrades to happen this year, some of the most desired features & whether or not you should upgrade. Follow Sophia for additional updates and information regarding the new iPhone!





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iPhone 13 Rumors: Expected Features & Leaks

The iPhone 13 is the expected new iPhone model from Apple in 2021. It is expected for Apple to once again skip the “S” iteration of their typical iPhone naming scheme: going from the iPhone 12 straight to the iPhone 13. One could informally call the new iPhone 13, the iPhone 12S, as there are not many physical changes expected for the phone.

iPhone 13 Pro Sunset Gold

New "Sunset Gold" Colorway

It is likely that there will be a new colorway for the iPhone 13 Pro models called, “Sunset Gold.” The finish is meant to be bronze in appearance and more saturated in color in comparison to the usual “Gold” finish model. This color would replace last year’s new color, “Pacific Blue,” which was widely popular. It is expected for the new “Sunset Gold” color to be equally as popular, if done.


Still Three (Bigger) Cameras on Pro Models

The cameras on the new iPhone 13 are likely to be improved, which is a usual upgrade on each new iPhone that comes out. The iPhone 13 seems to have a very similar camera setup, but on the Pro models, the cameras appear to be much larger in size. The cameras are said to feature improved low light photography as well as wide angle shots. As a result of the larger camera setup, the bump itself will be bigger than ever, which may be undesirable to some.

iPhone 13 120 Hz Pro-Motion Display

120 Hz Pro-Motion Display (Finally!)

It is likely that the iPhone 13 will feature a new 120 Hz Pro-Motion display, which has been anticipated for a few years now. The higher refresh rate will allow for seamless, snappy movements. The screen update will be a large reason to upgrade, as modern iPhones’ biggest feature are the full display screens. An upgrade like this will make all previous iPhones feel a bit sluggish in comparison, and this will be a very welcome update for Apple to make. The screen may also feature an “Always On” display, which would act like how the new Apple Watches do.


A Smaller Notch May Become a Reality

There is a chance that Apple will introduce a smaller notch on the iPhone 13, which has been seen on a lot of replica models. A smaller notch is a nice update, but many have become accustomed to the current sized notch, so this will not be a major upgrade. While still a nice change, many would likely rather see the notch fully disappear at this point. However, the notch has become a bit of a branding staple for the iPhone and Apple may not want to completely ditch it yet.


Touch ID Through Glass Screen in Addition to Face ID

Apple has been testing bringing back Touch ID through the glass screen, which would be a great feature as Touch ID is a fast way to unlock your device. While this may be a desired upgrade, it’s more on the unlikely side but definitely not impossible that we will see this feature on the iPhone 13. In addition to Touch ID, the iPhone 13 would still feature Face ID, which has been an addition to the iPhone since the iPhone X.


iPhone 13 Will Feature 5G and Likely Wifi 6E

The iPhone 13 will have a 5G chip in addition to a likely Wifi 6E upgrade. This would result in better internet over longer distances and faster downloads.

iPhone 13 USB-C Lightning

USB-C Port & Portless Design Both Unlikely

For the iPhone 12 and now iPhone 13, the rumored USB-C port update is still not likely to happen. It is more likely that Apple will switch to a completely port-less design, but this is probably not going to happen on this year’s new iPhone model. It is more likely that we will see a port-less design in 2022 or 2023.

iPhone 13 Model Lineup and Colors

Other Expected Features of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 is expected to feature the new A15 chip processor, which is standard for new iPhone models to feature the next iteration. It is also very likely that the new iPhone will have bigger and better batteries, which will result in longer battery life. It is possible that there will be a new 1 TB storage option, which is great for people that keep a lot of files on their iPhone. There may also be 25 W charging support, which would result in faster charging. Reverse wireless charging could also be introduced, where you can partition battery life between Apple devices (ex: charge your Apple Watch with your iPhone).


Should You Upgrade?

This year’s new iPhone model isn’t expected to be much different from last year’s iPhone 12. It will have a very similar physical appearance, with a few technical updates. The most impactful potential changes could be the new “Sunset Gold” colorway, in addition to the rumored 120 Hz Pro-Motion display. The updated screen would make the iPhone 13 feel new and snappy, which is always a nice feeling. If you have the iPhone 11 or later, it probably isn’t necessary to upgrade (unless you just want to)! If you have the iPhone X or earlier, an upgrade would be nice at this point and worth the investment. Overall, the 2021 iPhone isn’t too exciting, but it’ll still be a promising and well-made device. Will you upgrade?!

Images courtesy of MacRumors

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