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Supreme Week 1 FW21 Release Links & Droplist

Supreme New York Week 1 FW21

Supreme Week 1 FW21 Droplist

In order of most hypoed items at the top



Supreme®/Hanes® Pink Boxer Briefs (2 Pack) – $28

Supreme®:Hanes® Boxer Briefs (2 Pack)

Supreme Dog Bone
Retail: $18
Resale: $25
Keywords: +dog +bone

supreme dog bone

Celtic Knot Skateboard
Retail: $58
Resale: $90
Keywords: +celtic +knot +skateboard

Celtic Knot Skateboard

Swing Top 1.0L Bottle (Set of 2)
Retail: $48
Resale: $60
Keywords: +swing +top +bottle

Swing Top 1.0L Bottle (Set of 2)

Rick Rubin Tee
Retail: $48
Resale: $80
Keywords: +rick +tee

Supreme Rick Rubin Tee

Shrek Tee
Retail: $48
Resale: $70
Keywords: +shrek +tee

supreme Shrek Tee

Supreme®/Pyle® Waterproof Megaphone
Retail: $128
Resale: $150
Keywords: +megaphone

Supreme®/Pyle® Waterproof Megaphone

Supreme®/Hanes® Pink Crew Socks (4 Pack) – $20

Supreme®/Hanes® Crew Socks (4 Pack)

Est. 1994 Tee
Retail: $38
Resale: $60
Keywords: +1994 +tee

supreme Est. 1994 Tee

Supreme®/Spitfire® Shop Wheels (Set of 4) – $36

Supreme®/Spitfire® Shop Wheels (Set of 4)

Arabic Logo Hooded Sweatshirt
Retail: $168
Resale: $200
Keywords: +arabic +hooded

Arabic Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Samurai Tee
Retail: $38
Resale: $60
Keywords: +samurai +tee

supreme Samurai Tee

Supreme®/Hanes® Tagless Tees (2 Pack) – $28

Supreme®/Hanes® Tagless Tees (2 Pack)

Loose Gauge Beanie
Retail: $38
Resale: $50
Keywords: +loose +gauge +beanie

supreme Loose Gauge Beanie

Washed Chino Twill Camp Cap
Retail: $48
Resale: $60
Keywords: +washed +chino +twill +camp

supreme Washed Chino Twill Camp Cap

Stack Skateboard
Retail: $58
Resale: $75
Keywords: +stack +skateboard

supreme Stack Skateboard

Shadow Tee
Retail: $38
Resale: $60
Keywords: +shadow +tee

supreme Shadow Tee

Spaghetti Tee
Retail: $38
Resale: $60
Keywords: +spaghetti +tee

supreme Spaghetti Tee

Stack Tee
Retail: $38
Resale: $60
Keywords: +stack +tee

supreme Stack Tee

Nas and DMX GORE-TEX Shell Jacket – $398

supreme Nas and DMX GORE-TEX Shell Jacket

Ventile® S Logo 6-Panel – $54

supreme Ventile® S Logo 6-Panel

Backpack – $148

supreme Backpack

Small Box Tee – $58

supreme Small Box Tee

Number One Hooded Sweatshirt – $168

supreme Number One Hooded Sweatshirt

Supreme®/Independent® Truck – $50

Supreme®/Independent® Truck

Duffle Bag – $148

supreme Duffle Bag

Pack Vest – $138

supreme Pack Vest

Stone Washed Slim Jean – $168

supreme Stone Washed Slim Jean

Alpha Omega S/S Top – $78

supreme Alpha Omega S/S Top

Richest Tee – $38

supreme Richest Tee

Multi Logo Hooded Sweatshirt – $168

supreme Multi Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

No Thanks S/S Top – $68

supreme No Thanks S/S Top

Side Bag – $54

supreme Stone Washed Slim Jean

Bodies Skateboard – $58

supreme Bodies Skateboard

Gradient S/S Top – $88

supreme Gradient S/S Top

Neck Pouch – $38

Logo Ripstop Hooded Track Jacket – $178

supreme Logo Ripstop Hooded Track Jacket

Cities Arc Crewneck – $158

supreme Cities Arc Crewneck

Demon Hockey Jersey – $148

supreme Demon Hockey Jersey

Bolt Snap Crusher – $54

supreme Bolt Snap Crusher

Rigid Slim Jean – $158

supreme Rigid Slim Jean

Multi Logos Tee – $38

supreme Multi Logos Tee

Pebbled Leather Varsity Jacket – $798

supreme Pebbled Leather Varsity Jacket

Authorized Mesh Back 5-Panel – $42

supreme Authorized Mesh Back 5-Panel

S Paneled Belted Track Pant – $138

supreme S Paneled Belted Track Pant

Sling Bag – $78

supreme Sling Bag

Nas and DMX Collage Denim Chore Coat – $198

supreme Nas and DMX Collage Denim Chore Coat

Small Box Twill Shirt – $128

supreme Small Box Twill Shirt

Stone Washed Black Slim Jean – $148

supreme Stone Washed Black Slim Jean

Utility Tote – $118

supreme Utility Tote

S Paneled Track Jacket – $168

supreme S Paneled Track Jacket

Work Pant – $118

supreme Work Pant

USA Beanie – $38

supreme USA Beanie

Cow Print Cardigan – $178

supreme Cow Print Cardigan

Shattered Logo 5-Panel – $42

supreme Shattered Logo 5-Panel

Lady Pink/Supreme S/S Top – $98

supreme Lady Pink/Supreme S/S Top

Logo Ripstop Track Pant – $138

Velvet 2-Tone 6-Panel – $54

supreme Velvet 2-Tone 6-Panel

Lady Pink/Supreme Hooded Sweatshirt – $198

supreme Lady Pink/Supreme Hooded Sweatshirt

Demon Beanie – $40

supreme Demon Beanie

Appliqué Denim Shirt – $138

supreme Appliqué Denim Shirt

Nas and DMX Collage Double Knee Denim Painter Pant – $178

supreme Nas and DMX Collage Double Knee Denim Painter Pant

Lady Pink/Supreme Sweatpant – $188

supreme Lady Pink/Supreme Sweatpant

Argyle Zip Polo – $118

supreme Argyle Zip Polo

Velour Track Jacket – $138

supreme Velour Track Jacket

Sleeve Stripe Sweater – $138

supreme Sleeve Stripe Sweater

Velour Pant – $128

supreme Velour Pant

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so, you want to get shoes for their retail price when they drop. whether it be a pair for yourself or to resell and make some cash, yeezy god discord is the place with all the resources on how to cop!


retail price: the price of a product when it is sold directly from a business to a customer. this is usually the lowest price you will get the product for. (ex: yeezy supply to you!)

resale price: the price set by the market after a product comes out, which is constantly fluctuating for each individual product. usually, resale is higher than retail price, but not always. (ex: someone selling on sites like StockX or GOAT to you!)

here’s the basics: when shoes (or products in general) with high demand come out, it usually only happens once – unless they restock in the far future, which does happen somewhat often. however, the point is to get them right when they release. this is so you can get them for the lowest possible price, at the highest point in demand. all products have different resale prices and estimates, similar to like how the stock market works. sometimes demand is high right when they drop, and other times you have to wait before selling to maximize your profit. you will learn these tricks and calls as you go.

the discord offers all the resources you need. some of the most basic & useful tools in there are things like monitors (aka notifications for releases and restocks), product links and raffle links, release calendars, and a large community that is always chatting and sharing information about what’s going on. at all times, there are people there who are also getting these items and helping each other out with live updates. becoming a part of the discord and having access to these resources is a huge help, but it definitely takes some time and effort to really learn the ropes. the more you put in, the more you get out! you’ll learn about how to estimate resale prices, when and where things drop, and the many methods people use to get these items.

yeezy god discord isn’t just about yeezys, and it’s not even just about sneakers! there are monitors for all kinds of highly sought after items such as consoles, designer/hype clothing & accessories, computer parts, and more. the community is so special because it offers the resources and you can make what you want of it. it can be for personal use to get these items for yourself more easily & cheaply, or it can be a way for you to make some side money if you begin to resell these items. a lot of members do both and end up paying for their personal items with the things they resell, and it really is like an art!

Premium Sneaker & Collectibles Cook Group $19.99 a/mo

Yeezy God Discord Cook Group

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Images: Supreme

Supreme Week 1

Release Date: Thursday, August 19, 2021
Time: 11am est / 8am pst

more info coming soon

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