So, you want to get shoes and other high demand items for their retail price when they drop…

Here’s the basics:
When products with high demand come out, it usually only happens once, unless they restock in the far future, which does happen somewhat often. However, the point is to get them right when they release. This is so you can get them for the lowest possible price, at the highest point in demand. All products have different resale prices and estimates, similar to like how the stock market works. Sometimes demand is high right when they drop, and other times you have to wait before selling to maximize your profit. You will continue to learn tricks and calls as you gain experience.

Yeezy God Discord offers all the resources you need. Some of the most basic & useful tools in there are things like monitors (aka notifications for releases and restocks), product links and raffle links, release calendars, and a large community that is always chatting and sharing information about what’s going on. At all times, there are people there who are also getting these items and helping each other out with live updates. Becoming a part of the discord and having access to these resources is a huge help, but it definitely takes some time and effort to really learn the ropes. The more you put in, the more you get out! You’ll learn about how to estimate resale prices, when and where things drop, and the many methods people use to get these items.

Join our community here, we’re not just Yeezy’s!


Here’s the most recent and upcoming drops – updating live.


Welcome to How to Cop 101 – We will teach you all of the info you need to know! Learn about the best cook groups, follow tutorials, and receive resources that will help you ensure a W.


Drops with the most hype – from Yeezys, Jordans, Travis Scotts & more!


We post sneaker release and raffle links on the daily so that you can learn how to cop! Our site is always being updated with the latest tools and resources for ongoing drops. All you have to do is find the product you’re trying to cop, and visit the page where all of the links you need will be listed. Make sure to check back often, as we are always adding new updates.

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Cook Groups

Cook groups are a great way to get directly involved in the sneaker community and improve your chances of copping.


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