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What is a Cook Group? All about what they are, how they work, and how to pick one.

Everything you need to know about cook groups and how to pick one.

What is a cook group? The Ultimate Guide.

A cook group is an online community, typically found on platforms like Discord. They share exclusive, helpful information to its members about high demand products that can be bought & resold such as sneakers, streetwear and other collectibles. The purpose of a cook group is to help people be able to buy the products they want more easily at retail prices.

The basics of a cook group.

Cook groups are a great way to receive help getting resellable items, such as sneakers. They are called “cook” groups because the term “cook” refers to a successful checkout. For example, “I cooked 10 pairs of Yeezys!” Typically, cook groups are a server created within Discord that you gain membership to. If you’re unfamiliar with Discord, it’s a web application with different servers you can join. Each server is essentially a large group chat that can have many additional features.

Typically, cook group memberships are paid due to the services they offer. Most cook group have features such as restock monitors, raffle links, a live chat, and time sensitive community alerts. This exclusive information is extremely helpful during drops and gives its members a huge advantage. They also offer support for botters like how to set up and troubleshooting before/after drops.

The largest draw to joining a cook group is that purchasing a membership is viewed as an investment. Rather than wasting time or money, your membership is an investment to ensure you get the items you want in a timely manner. In the end, you spend a lot less than you would’ve paying resale and you will learn a lot of valuable information in the process. Usually, you make your money back right away after joining a cook group and will even profit. The more effort you put in, the more you get out.

Example of live raffle links for sneakers.

The features of a cook group.

Cook groups are usually servers within Discord, so they firstly are a live group chat between all of its members. This is a big feature of cook groups. The ability to chat live with like-minded people who have the same goals is a huge help, but its also a source of entertainment and a place where friendships can be made. Cook groups are a community and those communities can develop their own culture and closeness that makes each one unique.

To get more technical, cook groups also offer an array of features that you only find within the group. This is what makes cook groups popular and helpful to many. For example, many cook groups have stock monitors that send an alert to its members right away when stock hits a website. The notifications usually also have direct “add to cart” and “checkout” links within the notification, which is a huge help. Having access to these monitors is a huge draw to cook groups because to purchase your own monitors is very expensive.

Similarly, cook groups also have features like automated release link lists, raffle links, release calendars, and alerts that ensure its members always know what’s going on with drops. They also have early links, resell advice, guides, and other useful information. This valuable and time sensitive information is extremely helpful because during hyped releases, every second counts. Cook groups also offer things like bot rentals for its members and group buys for its members to purchase things like proxies and browser plugins for a discounted price.

Example of a restock monitor for PS5.

Reasons to join a cook group.

There are two main types of people who want to join a cook group: people who really want a specific product, or people who are into reselling. Usually, these two can overlap.

Say you really want a PS5, but they’re always out of stock and hard to purchase. A cook group can be a great solution because they provide all the resources you wouldn’t have otherwise to both not miss drops and also be as fast as possible when checking out. They also provide assistance during drops such as tips & tricks or notifying of surprise restocks. Being in a cook group highly increases your chances of purchasing the PS5 and as a result, you get the product you want for its retail price.

A lot of people get into cook groups this way, and then discover they can actually turn a profit! Continuing our prior example, let’s say you got the PS5 you wanted. Take it a step further: you want to recoup the money you spent on the PS5. The cook group you joined is a great resource! Reselling is an incredible way to make some side money or even a living once you get good at it. The key to reselling and doing it in a profitable way is to purchase items that sell for more than what you purchased them for. So pretend you continue to follow your cook group’s calls on PS5’s and end up getting another one! You can sell the second one and completely make back what you spent on the first one. You can continue this process with other resellable items and this pattern can escalate quickly! Soon you’ll find yourself making hundreds to thousands of extra dollars.

No matter the reason you join a cook group, these are the fundamentals of being in one. They’ve got all the tools you need to get what you want out of it. Some people simply just want high demand items, some solely want to just resell, and others lie somewhere in between.

Member success post featuring Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition.

Exclusive tools gained by joining a cook group.

An underrated and sometimes unknown feature of cook groups is how far their exclusive tools go. By being part of a cook group, you gain access to other tools, services and opportunities only found within the group. For example, cook groups will partner with bots, proxies, apps, and brands to provide their members with an advantage via discounted rates & exclusive purchasing opportunities. Having access to these things gives members a leg up on the competition in terms of tools, knowledge and strategy.

Examples of exclusive tools:
– Bot keys & rentals
– Proxy companies
– Browser Plugins
– Apps & software
– Brand discounts

Example of a Stellar AIO groupbuy.

How to pick the right cook group.

Picking the right cook group can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! First, you want to determine the features you’d like out of the cook group. For example, you may really want access to specific stock monitors. Maybe you like botting and need a group that will provide setup guides. Or maybe, you’re looking for the most entertaining or fun community.

Our advice is to research different groups and ask around to see other people’s opinions. Try searching discord servers tagged with “cook group” or look on websites that list cook groups, such as Also consider the size of the community – some cook groups are large with lots of people, but little one on one support. Others are small and offer a more hands-on approach. Or sometimes a medium mix between the two is best!

Also consider pricing. You may have a certain budget that you need to stay within. Many cook groups range from $60-100 a month. Others can be very inexpensive, or even free. Free cook groups are convenient, but usually offer a lot less in terms of features and exclusive tools.

We recommend Yeezy God Discord as it’s great for both beginners and intermediates. It’s priced at $19.99 a month, which is a great balance between being an affordable cook group while also offering all the premium features you’d want out of a cook group. It’s medium in size with very active, hands-on staff. Our favorite thing about it – the family vibes it brings. The members are kind and fun and very knowledgeable with a mix of all ages. Yeezy God Discord is a great mix of being business oriented while keeping it interesting and relatable.

Yeezy God Cook Group featured on

How to join Yeezy God Cook Group.

To join Yeezy God Cook Group, visit You will be asked to sign into your Discord account – use the one you plan on using the cook group with! If you don’t have a Discord account, make one first before visiting the website link to join. Then, you can sign in and proceed. After signing in, you will be asked to enter a password. The password to join will be listed publicly when memberships restock, or it will be personally provided to you. After successfully entering the password, you can purchase your membership subscription key through the dashboard. You will then be granted access to the cook group through your Discord account.

Your key can be found within the dashboard – you should save it somewhere so you don’t ever lose it. The key can be unbound at any point and you can cancel your membership at anytime.

Sign in with your Discord account.

Enter the provided password.

Purchase your subscription.

Features of Yeezy God Cook Group:

  • Daily release calendars
  • Live release notifications & links
  • Live restock notifications & links
  • Live raffle notifications &  links
  • Live early links
  • Fastest sneaker monitors
  • Fastest GPU monitors
  • Fastest PS5 & Xbox monitors
  • 500+ community members
  • Member chat channels
  • Member voice chat
  • Low-key flip alerts
  • Resell advice (hold or sell calls)
  • NFT drops
  • Exclusive bot & proxy groupbuys
    • NSB Bot: $350 yearly keys ($500 without cook group)
    • Leaf Proxies: 20% off proxies
    • LightningATC: $50 lifetime keys. Browser plugin that automatically checks out (great for manual users)
    • Brand collabs & more!
  • Manual gang resources
  • Botter resources
  • Giveaways
  • Tips & tricks

In conclusion...

Joining Yeezy God Cook group is a great investment and way to get into a community that offers everything you need! Check out the website at to read more about it and follow the twitter at Memberships are usually out of stock to keep the group exclusive and ensure its members are receiving an advantage. To catch a restock, follow their social media closely. You may also reach out to the owner @GunnerTierno if you have any questions about when restocks will happen.

Looking forward to cooking up with you!

Limited keys available!
Password: howtocop
Dashboard link:

How To Cop Article: Best Value Cook Groups in 2021

Yeezy God Discord Cook Group

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