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Best Value Cook Groups in 2021 | Yeezy God Discord

Learn more about Yeezy God Discord and its perks!

Best Value Cook Groups in 2021 | Yeezy God Discord

Yeezy God Discord – despite its title, they aren’t just about Yeezys! The name comes from Gunner Tierno, its creator. Gunner was given the title “Yeezy God” after becoming known for copping up to 50 pairs of Yeezys in a single YouTube live stream! Gunner was one of the first to stream hyped sneaker releases while teaching his audience in an engaging way how to do the same. He created the phrase, “manual gang,” with his swift abilities to purchase multiple hard to get sneakers all without the use of tools like bots.

As Gunner established himself in the sneaker community, he created Yeezy God Discord, a cook group that continues to thrive in 2021. As the reselling community grows and changes, so does the group. Whether you’re still manual gang or you use bots, Yeezy God Discord has all the resources you need to guarantee a W. Something that sets the cook group apart from the rest are two things: its competitive pricing and the family vibes it brings. The group is only $19.99 a month and while far from commercial, it delivers the same resources more expensive cook groups might offer such as restock monitors and exclusive group buys.

Yeezy God Discord is more than just a cook group – it’s a close knit community of over 500 members that genuinely want to help each other out and better their lives. It has moved far beyond just Yeezys as its members are copping consoles, computer parts, and other high prized collectables. Yeezy God Discord impresses with its ability to keep up with the culture while providing a safe, entertaining, and helpful environment to all.

Yeezy God Cook Group

Yeezy God is a premium cook group with the highest member success within the sneaker community. Focused on buying & reselling the most limited sneakers & clothing from brands such as Yeezy, Jordan, Supreme, Off-White & more.


– Fastest Monitors
– Restock Notifications
– Raffle Links
– Early Links
– Low Key Flips
– Bot Group buys
– Discounted Proxies
– Active Member chats
– Giveaways


To gain access to the Yeezy God Discord server you must purchase a license key for $19.99 per month. Payments are automatically billed and processed safely and securely through stripe once per month until canceled. You can cancel your membership at anytime in the member dashboard. No refunds will be given as this is a digital product.

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