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Ultimate Nike SNKRS App Guide: How To Enter Drawings & Reservations

Everything you need to know about the Nike SNKRS app and how to secure a W.

Complete Guide: Nike SNKRS App

The Nike SNKRS app was created by Nike to release its most hyped products. The app was designed to create a fair, organized environment for sneaker lovers to cop the shoes they want as easily as possible. In this guide, we will teach you how to get set up with the app as well as how to use it.

Step 1: Creating an account & downloading the app.

Firstly, you must have an account with Nike to use the Nike SNKRS app.
Create an account here:

Next, download the Nike SNKRS app. It will be available in the Apple or Android app store.
Download Nike SNKRS:

Once the app is downloaded, make sure to sign in once you open it. Once you are signed in, you will be able to see your home feed with “In Stock” & “Upcoming” releases. There is also a “Discover” tab, where you can view Nike’s featured stories. Your “Inbox” is where you will receive any messages. Lastly, you can view your “Profile.” It is recommended that you fully set up your Nike+ profile before any sneaker releases happen, as this will make sure the checkout process goes as quickly & smoothly as possible.

Step 2: Setting up the SNKRS app.

Now that you’ve downloaded the app, it’s time to get organized!

Navigate to the “Profile” section within the app and click gear icon in the top right. From here, you can add your name, email, and shoe size – as well as your payment information & shipping information. Make sure you fill out ALL of this information completely and accurately. By setting this up right away, all of this information will be saved within the app for future releases. You won’t have to input this info manually when trying to check out, which will increase your chances of a successful checkout and decrease time wasted.

Note: You should always have all of this information on hand as backup during drops, so that if you are asked to verify anything or input info like your credit card security code, you can quickly do so.

Lastly, make sure you have notifications turned on for the app so that you don’t miss a drop! Do this by going into your phone’s settings > notifications > SNKRS > allow notifications. You can also customize your notification settings within the SNKRS app to select how early you’d like to be notified before a drop.

Step 3: How to purchase on the Nike SNKRS app.

Purchasing on the Nike SNKRS app is simple. First, look at the product you are trying to purchase under the “upcoming” tab and make note of the date & time listed for its release. You will know the product will be for purchase if it says “Available at (mm/dd) at (hh:mm).” Most often, Nike releases products at 10 AM EST. There will be a button that says, “notify me.” By clicking this, you will be notified when the product has become available.

When it is near the time of the release, make sure to open the app a few minutes early to both refresh your feed and be there before the time of the release to ensure you are as fast as possible. Navigate to the product page for the shoe releasing and wait for it to become the time of the release.

Once the product becomes available, the “notify me” button will change into a purchase button. Click the button and select the size you’d like to purchase. Also make sure all of your shipping & payment info is correct. The purchase will either go through right away, or you will see the word “pending.” If you see this, your order has not gone through yet. Be patient and with a bit of luck you will get past “pending” and see a “Got’em” order confirmation screen. This whole process usually takes up to 10 minutes. If you don’t get them, it will eventually say “sold out.” Try again next time!

Step 4: How to enter drawings on the Nike SNKRS app.

Draws on the app are a bit easier, because all you have to do is enter the draw within the amount of time given. You will know when a product launch is a draw because on the product page it will say, “Draw opens (mm/dd) at (hh:mm).” There will also be a “notify me” button if you’d like to receive a notification when the draw opens.

To enter a draw, navigate to the product page of the shoe you’d like to purchase once the draw opens. The “notify me” button will change to “enter draw.” There will be a clock showing how much time you have to enter, usually between 20 minutes to an hour. It is suggested that you join the draw right away to ensure you have enough time to enter. It will ask you to input any necessary info. Once you’ve entered, just wait!

When the countdown clock ends, you will likely be notified if you won the draw within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours. Usually, the notification happens fast. If you win, it means you’ve successfully purchased the shoes and you will also see an order confirmation.

Step 5: How to enter reserve launches on the Nike SNKRS app.

Reserve launches are similar to regular purchases, but they require for the product to be picked up in person at a local store. The app will detect your location to determine whether or not you can participate in the launch. These launches are first come, first serve, so you definitely want to be fast.

Follow the same instructions as in “Step 1: How to purchase on the Nike SNKRS app.” The “notify me” button will turn into a “reserve” button when the product becomes available. Click the button and select the store you’d like to pick up your shoes at. Sometimes there may be an option for shipping. You will see an order confirmation screen stating that your shoes have been reserved if you are successful!

Step 6: All about SNKRS Pass & how to use it.

Sometimes, you will receive access to Nike SNKRS Pass, which is an exclusive member reward within the app. It allows you the chance to reserve shoes based on your location – usually in places like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. The app will use your device’s location to determine if you can participate, similar to how regular reserves work.

If active, you will see the SNKRS Pass on your SNKRS feed when you enter the app. Tap on the SNKRS Pass and see if any stores near you have the shoe available to purchase. If so, you can reserve a pair for pickup. This process is usually very fast and if you are successful, you will also see a confirmation screen stating that your shoes have been reserved for pickup.


What if I don’t see any locations?
If you don’t see any locations listed, then you are outside of the reservation radius and will not be able to make a reservation.

Once I’ve made a reservation, can I change the shoe size or store location?
We’re not able to change the reservation details (name, shoe size, or store location) on the SNKRS Pass once it’s issued. Any changes to your profile will need to be made before reserving shoes.

Can I pay for the shoes in the SNKRS App?
You can only reserve the sneakers in the app. You’ll need to pay for the shoes when you pick them up.

What do I need for pickup?
On the day of your pickup, your Reserved for Pickup screen will transition to an active SNKRS Pass that includes a QR code you’ll need for pickup. You’ll also need a valid photo ID with a first and last name that matches the first and last name on the SNKRS Pass, and a valid form of payment (major credit cards or cash accepted). Please note, the SNKRS Pass is only valid on the device the reservation was originally made. Valid forms of photo ID: Driver’s license, Student ID, Passport & Military ID.

Can someone else pick up the shoes for me?
No, only the name that appears on the SNKRS Pass is allowed to purchase the sneakers.

Can I reserve more than one pair or make a reservation at more than one store?
No, we have a limit of one (1) reservation per person, per shoe style.

Can the store ship the shoes to me?
Stores are not able to ship SNKRS Pass sneakers. You will be required to purchase in person at the store listed on your SNKRS Pass.

Is it possible for the store to sell out of the shoe once I’ve made a reservation?
If you are able to successfully reserve the shoes, the Nike location should have them, as long as you arrive during your pickup window.

What happens if I cannot pick up my reservation during my pickup window?
Your SNKRS Pass will expire if you do not pick up your shoes within the timeframe specified in the SNKRS Pass, and you will no longer have access to those shoes.

Source: Nike

Step 7: Tips & tricks.

Now that you know the basics, here are a few final tips and tricks to ensure you have the best chance at copping.

– Set an alarm 10 minutes before a drop, because notifications are easy to miss!

– Make sure you have a solid Wi-fi connection or cell service to make sure you don’t disconnect during a drop.

– Nike discourages against multiple accounts & entries, but you could use different addresses/payment methods or ask friends to join drawings for you if you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

– While not confirmed, it’s rumored that active accounts that participate often in drops are more likely to be rewarded. Use the SNKRS app frequently and build up your loyalty!

– Make sure the SNKRS app is updated to prevent bugs & outdated software from affecting its functionality.

– Turn on “do not disturb” during drops so that you don’t accidentally click notifications or receive phone calls that could mess up your efforts!

– While waiting to complete your purchase or enter a draw (ex: when your entry is “pending”), don’t refresh! The SNKRS app gets very busy and refreshing may reset your place in line or make it more difficult to get back into the drop.

– Location spoofing: sometimes people will spoof their location to receive access to location-specific drops. You can find software online to do this. Keep in mind that you will have to still visit the location you are spoofing, so choose one that is reasonable (ex: an hour away).

– App isn’t working for you? Try the SNKRS website:

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