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Cook Group of the Year 2020 | Yeezy God Discord

Cook Group of the Year 2020 | Yeezy God Discord

Release Date Free: July 30th, 2019
Release Date Paid: January 4th, 2020
Owner: Gunner Tierno
Status: Premium Paid Cook Group
Retail Price: $9.99 a/mo

The yeezy god cook group emerged in early July 2019, from Gunner Tierno aka Yeezy God YouTube live streams where he shared how to cop multiple pairs of yeezys with everyone who tuned in. Gunner quickly became a legend in the sneaker community after copping 50+ pairs of yeezys manually on yeezy supply during many different releases. He was the first youtuber to stream sneaker live cops which grew him a loyal following for his down to earth vibes and secret tricks of the trade. Coining the term “manual gang” along with many others Gunner taught every one we know how to cop, creating the live cop wave we see on the internet today.

Once established he created the fastest growing discord community where fellow sneaker enthusiast can increase their success in copping limited sneakers by 10x. Yeezy God cook group stands out because of its family vibes and just genuine love for one another’s success. There’s no other cook group owner that cares as much about their members success as much as Gunner does. Unlike other cook groups that are boring, plain and strict with the same copy paste template as every other group. Yeezy God is a fun and exciting place with positive energy and more information for $9.99 a month than groups that cost $60 a month.

At the moment Yeezy God is sitting tall on 823 members making it one of the largest cook groups in the game.


  • best price
  • highest member success
  • fastest release & restock monitors
  • exclusive access to bots & tools
  • most active community
  • both manual & bot focused


  • no aco service
  • no slots

Yeezy God Cook Group

Yeezy God is a premium cook group with the highest member success within the sneaker community. Focused on buying & reselling the most limited sneakers & clothing from brands such as yeezy, jordan, supreme, off-white & more.

– Fastest Monitors
– Restock Notifications
– Raffle Links
– Early Links
– Low Key Flips
– Bot GroupBuys
– Discounted Proxies
– Active Member Chats
– Giveaways


To gain access to the Yeezy God Discord server you must purchase a license key for $9.99 per month. Payments are automatically billed and processed safely and securely through stripe once per month until cancelled. You can cancel your membership at anytime in the member dashboard. No refunds will be given as this is a digital product.

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